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More Recent Stories from BaconSandwich is back. Until he gets eaten again.

NPOCP - I'm thinking about something like this for the start of a decent project car...

Jalops, help me identify this car for some brownie points! I'm thinking it has to be a Mid-1950's. My original guess was a Ford, but I can't seem to find any that quite match.

There's a reasonable chance I'll be engaged in the next few months. I should try to convince the future Mrs. Baconsandwich to use some sort of racing colors for the wedding. My first thought was the Gulf livery. Any other good recommendations out there for wedding colors?

Anyone else here have issues with the Classic plugin (on Chrome) for the Gawker commenting system? It seems the last few posts aren't showing the "Show all (Go Classic!)" option. The new commenting system... leaves much to be desired.