I'm curious. I've been wanting to play with carbon fiber for a little while now.

Was it 2x2 twill? What weight? What did you use for resin? For the vacuum bagging, did you use just a single point to draw out air, or did you actually use a piece of perforated hose to draw out air over a large area? » 9/18/14 8:30pm Yesterday 8:30pm

So the bus I was on totally blew an air bag...

Earlier today my wife and I were riding the shuttle bus back from a 5km/10km run we did. It was one of those short city buses, but it was loaded to capacity. We all heard a loud boom. The bus driver got out, and it turns out we had blown an air bag. First time I've ever heard of that happening on a bus. » 9/13/14 8:27pm Saturday 8:27pm